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OKUN Origin Of All

Source Of Life Essence Before Transcend Consciousness In HumansOKUN

      The word OKUN can refer to the oceans, or OKUN as spirit. OKUN as transcendent spirit dwelled or moved on the waters that enveloped planet Earth before founders started OSAGBAYE. OSAGBAYE is spiritual Earth, mystical universe of reality, mysteries, life, spirituality, and prosperity. OSAGBAYE also means limitless world or world where there is absence of limitations, contradictions, and pain; it is world of reality that bears AGENT for transcendent consciousness. [see ARUOKUN Mystery.] OKUN is source of life essence in living things.
       The waters are watery elements composed of vapor, mist, water as found in oceans, and other liquids. The waters enveloped planet Earth before creation.
      OKUN is transcendent spirit that does not have a human shape or human form. We call it ARUOKUN where OKUN has presence. ARUOKUN or ARU-OKUN means STATION, platform or theater of OKUN. An alien, namely, extraterrestrial being or form (ETF) (some ancients called them Gods), revealed ARUOKUN to The Oboiro, the first time he set foot on Ughoton near Oke n Anubode (OKE or Mount Anubode). Ughoton is in Edo Sate of Nigeria; Oboiro was born in Benin City, Edo State.


      “ARUOKUN” is true esoteric name before priesthood converted the physical mount to Oke n Anubode. Erinmwin (in Language of Edo people of southern Nigeria) is the transcendent universe where all events on Earth originate in ARUOKUN. Conversion had dire consequences for humankind as commercial slavery that resulted from it shows.
      They revealed ARUOKUN to the Oboiro as a gargantuan white edifice. It superimposed on pristine vegetation.
       Various scenes usually manifest at various times, confirming ARUOKUN as display station, platform, or theater. Its domain, however, extends to the bottom of Atlantic Ocean on west coast of Africa.  ARUOKUN extends into the heavens beyond the visible world into the transcendent SOURCE, from where founders of OSAGBAYE descended; it pervades OSAGBAYE as life of every living thing or being.
      Eze n Emimikpo—brook Emimikpo flows from a fountain inside the Mount. Legend has it that a fountain is concomitant of these mounts. Although the brook looks shallow and insignificant, some mighty being dwells in it.
          ARUOKUN is intersection (cross-universes) that involves innumerable universes—some on land, others in ocean, heavens, and transcendent realms. OKE ARUOKUN is related to other Mounts such as Mounts Sinai, Arafat, Olympus, Kailas, Catherine, Fuji, Navajo, Heron, and Mount Olympus (“where the gods dwell”). Other Mounts in Southern Nigeria include Ete Iropfio and Idanre “hills”.
      “Dwellers” in ARUOKUN engineer the destinies of the living and the dead. Aruokun is the channel on Earth, through which OKUN as providence of the universe flows to us on Earth. Deliverance from racial and ancestral curse is coming from OKUN while Deliverers project to us through it.
      Its revealed link is a gargantuan radiant sign (IYAMA in Benin Language). ARUOKUN Home Version is a facsimile, a miniaturized version. The Oboiro perceived the original symbol in ARUOKUN, another manifestation of its various scenes. 
      OKUN has particular transcendent domain or sphere whose (fašade) was revealed. Provident OKUN works in OSAGBAYE, and organizes lives and affairs of beings that include human existence. OKUN is among transcendent ancestry of humankind. Provident OKUN quickens and sustains the living. OKUN is autonomous, meaning that it is not a tool of anyone including Gods and ancestors. We should cooperate with it to be delivered, instead of idolizing it and attempting to manipulate it through shrines, which is futile. 
      OKUN protects and defends those who recognize and acknowledge it; they can tap on its providence. OKUN guides them through revelation of mysteries, such as records of past events on planet Earth from before beginning of OSAGBAYE.

 Man And Woman Hybrids

Human being is a hybrid. Physical body is from the oceans as was once aquatic animal, life is spirit from OKUN, and awareness of mortality or death from agent that impregnated it at creation of OSAGBAYE.
      Olokun, god of priesthood, derives from OKUN. Every person who has a divine priestly mission on Earth must get anointing of Olokun. Application of this law displays as baptism in various forms.
      Peoples in literate communities can represent transcendent ideas as mathematical formulas and in metaphysics. (We, at Aruokun vb Aruiropfio Commune (AvbAC) do.) Unfortunately, our forebears did not invent alphabet or its equivalent; if they had done so, abstract and transcendent ideas could have been discussed and analyzed. This would have been part of our heritage. Absence casts a blithe on the priesthood that failed to invent writing and written literature or theology. They could not graduate into metaphysicians, as there was yet to emerge an Oboiro in modern time. Oboiro of a thousand years ago had same drawback of lack of writing culture.
      Every person can pray to, and benefit from, intercession of provident OKUN. They, however must acknowledge OKUN and relate to it appropriately. CUSTODIANS and DELIVERERS revealed ARUOKUN to help us do this correctly and effectively. Get yourself one.