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Divine Encounters In Physical Awakening State

Aliens Or Extraterrestrial Forms--ETFAfangiako

      He saw aliens or ETF in various forms. There seems a zone for their manifestation on Earth. Furthermore, watery, misty, or smoggy atmosphere or presence of large body of water facilitates their manifestation.
      Not everyone present observes what the Oboiro saw when he saw any. This difference distinguishes them from those in photographs or Internet.
      A further significant difference between all aliens that The Oboiro encountered, on one hand, and those whose images are in photographs on Internet and elsewhere, on the other hand, is that what he encountered could not have been photographed because no one could predict their appearances. Consequently, one could not prepare for their appearance to capture their images.
      For example, he went with a camcorder the first time he went to Oke n Anubode to record the trip. People received him at what became de facto first Aruokun Session on OKE ARUOKUN. What looked like a person in shirt pointed ARUOKUN out for him. ARUOKUN appeared as a white gargantuan building. However, when he downloaded the video on the laptop on getting back to Benin City, both person who pointed out ARUOKUN and ARUOKUN were not on photograph!
      Indigenes of Ughoton, call them “computer people” (CMPTPL) what the Oboiro terms ETF. Their occurrence is normal to them. Comments as on my Blog at Wordpress indicates that encountering ETF is worldwide.

Talismanic Beings

      Another set of nonhuman forms he encountered are what he calls talismanic people. These beings manifest during talismanic atmosphere or severe weather-related conditions. These forms exposed in our time are from same condition that prevailed in the waters that enveloped Earth at arrival of founders of OSAGBAYE. Oceanic atmosphere outside the Ocean during severe weather of rainstorm, smog, mist, and sleet, combine to manifest extra condition that he calls talismanic atmosphere
      The beings share skin type with octopuses in the Ocean; they have limbs and other features that make them look like malnourished underdeveloped human body. He saw one run up the stairs about 1955 during a heavy rainstorm in Benin City.
      He thinks of talismanic beings as atavistic. He adapts the term from biology to relate the event displaying the recurrence of a feature that has been absent for several generations since first hominids emerged from Oceans. These beings were in the waters before the separation of land and water, so they were exposed when the waters that enveloped Earth were separated from Earth. They are not permanently of the physical world now; they are of another reality such that the barrier separating that world and the physical world is bridged during severe weather with heavy precipitation; this allows them to be perceived by some people.
       We share ancestry with them; barrier that separates us is an illusion of the senses; they are potential partners with which we should work to gain control in consonance with Divine Master Plan.

Encounters  In Ughoton Zone

      He narrated he watched a session of beings over river Ekehuan. They appeared to have been formed out of cloud or white smoke. This was in 1954. He was to later (after more than fifty years) that that river was the downstream of eze n EMIMIKPO (Brook Emimikpo) of OKE ARUOKUN (that priesthood calls Oke n Anubode or Mount Anubode).  
      He was about twelve years old recollects from memory. He said the impression was so overwhelming it remained vivid to this day. However, consistent with others of that age, he never made much of it.
      He was a houseboy to his senior brother, Otasowie Egiebor, who taught at Native Authority School in Ekehuan (now called Ikpako). The Okoa of Ipkako remembered his brother after he introduced himself in 2010.
      The second mystical experience occurred the same year. He was playing in the school compound, shouting on top of his voice, because his brother had traveled. It happened: the sun “dimmed” of a sudden. The atmosphere changed and he was in a different reality. He remembers it was peaceful and felt ecstasy within him. He cannot remember how long it lasted before he came round. 
      A third encounter in the zone happened when he visited Ughoton the first time in 2010. He stood before what erinmwin (a being from a reality outside human experience) pointed out to him, ARUOKUN. Important to emphasize that erinmwin and NOT the inhabitants pointed ARUOKUN out to me the first time he visited Ughoton.


      He beheld the cosmic sign in his youth as a stationary shaft of light in the sky. It revealed its name. He was reluctant to tell it to anyone. He beheld variants since. His original image is printed in TOC. He adapted it as the design of the cover of the book, Take Over Control: Without Physical violence.
      His son beheld the cosmic sign as a youth. He illustrated his experience using “Corel Draw” of Microsoft.
      A senior Priest of Oba Palace in Benin City, on seeing copy of TOC narrated how he saw one through his window in USA. He showed a sketch of it.
      AFANGIAKO reminds many who respond saying they saw similar “UFO”. It is reassuring that communication between terrestrial and extraterrestrial forms is so common and ubiquitous, that one needs not work hard to deliver the message, namely, we are under surveillance and guidance by ETF.
      Oboiro sees in the other realities by AFANGIAKO as light. “Oboiro” is a diviner, medium, exorcist, and a spiritual guide.  He, as a medium reveal secrets of life without casting shells, bones, seeds, and other objects as do native doctors, babalawo, and chief priests. He can see events forming in ARUOKUN before they manifest in the physical world. AFANGIAKO (or “UFO”) will instill anyone who beheld it with the attributes of Oboiro. The attributes are potentials person should transform to reality. Such person must acknowledge ARUOKUN, work with it, and train to be guided in the light.