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Deliverers From Religion Of Ancestral Curses

Deliverance from Slavery, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Animism, and Religion Of Ancestral Curses

Mirror-IconOrigin Of Racial And Ancestral Curse

       The beginning of world started with founding of the world by divine beings that descended from “Heaven” to Earth. They fulfilled Divine Mater Plan that they so extended to Earth. They started OSAGBAYE, world of reality; human beings realized they would die when the AGENT infused them
      Founders met PRIMORDIAL or ARCHETYPAL ANCESTROS of humankind as dwellers of OKUN, the waters that enveloped the planet Earth. Hominoid later migrated from Oceans onto land. These our earthly biological forebears were brutes like other terrestrial animals of the wild. They did not distinguish between life and death or between good and evil for examples.
      Founders brought agents in a reality (ASAGBAYE) for consciousness while starting OSAGBAYE. “Agents” are sources of presence of spirituality of humankind on Earth. Legend has it that founders separated from humankind or “left”. They left administrators behind; these spiritually conscious ancestors could distinguish between life and death, good and evil, and between pain and pleasure or happiness.

Origin Of Witchcraft Entity In Human Beings

      Some renegades ate potions against Divine Master Plan eons ago. Potions made entities develop inside them, identical to those of their God(s), ancestors, demons, or vagrant spirits—souls, astral bodies, or false selves. They started to perceive through the entities, a reality other than OSAGBAYE. Their experience is of scourged humankind with agonizing pain.  Humankind inherited the condition as Racial and ancestral CURSE.  Being universal for the species, curse is not peculiarity of Africans or their descendants worldwide.
      “Gods and Ancestors” customized “racial and ancestral curse” to suit their world outside Divine Master Plan. Shrines as origin of Vlekete Syndrome, Voodoo, and necromantic shrines in West African countries are their legacies.  These shrines are most notorious of the transit shrines among many in West Africa. The priesthood and others aligned with them have been passing the curse from generation to generation worldwide! Stopping the transmission will be part of concomitants of deliverance.

Deliverance From Religion Of Ancestral Curses

       Curse is life-path of initiation ritual, each person is at various stages or phases toward ordeal at throes of death or when hanged on gallows. People are continually in in-between phase, from birth to death. Process would go on eternally until DELIVERERS intercede and deliver humankind.
       Popular erroneous belief about ancestral curses is that it is like sentencing. For example, God or its equivalent cursed descendants of Adam that they will feed from the sweat of their brow. Another example is that descendants of one of the children of Abraham will be hewers of wood and fetchers of water for the rest. People speculate that the black race was cursed for various reasons. We, at AAC, have no qualms about the correctness of a curse having been placed on black or other races. Our point is that people have invented a religion as way of carrying out the curse; they make lives of adherents become fulfillment of the curse.
      By analogy, a magistrate sentences an accused person to death. The sentence remains hanging until the execution of the convict. The execution may be by firing squared, hanging, stoning, or lynching. Slave religion is execution of alleged atavistic racial curse. If you got any sense, you should not accept religion or the process as your faith religion.
      Deliverers will deliver those who reject the religion and refuse execution through their suffering. Children innocent or too young to know or accept curses on ancestors are logical targets of defense by CUATODIANS (Re IDUNAN). Never should you agree to share in the guilt of others like Adam, or suffer to offset debt of karma.

Inheriting Ancestral Or Racial Curses Is Not Foregone

      Fundamental TRUTH is, humankind is not descended from Adam. People of the prophets think they are; that is their prerogative and history. We Africans and descendants worldwide could not have descended from Adam, less from Abraham.  Fossil record shows humankind evolved in Africa since more than thirty million years. This is fact based on physical remains of actual human beings. These are actual hominid ancestors that migrated from the Oceans or OKUN. How could we have descended from a race less than six thousand years? Hence, we have not inherited curse on Adam and his descendants through descent.
      More important, ASOGBAYE is beyond physical world of Adam and all other races; this include race of the fossil. Although before Adam, archetypal ancestors were. OSAGBAYE is parallel to world, heaven, and Hell of Eden.
      We, who emerged spiritually in OSAGBAYE, trace our descent through ARUOKUN and not Garden of Eden. No people, including the Prophets were present at the beginning of the world. Reasonable people live by authentic revelations. You can PROVE your divine ancestry from OKUN or ARUOKUN through diligence in meditations on revelations. The meditation must be without drugs or hallucinogens—“fumigations, unguents, and potions” of the ancients.
      Speculations based on theology, is inferior to experiences of revelations without drug inducement and hallucinogen. Potions people ingest during initiation rituals, influence faculty of perception. Scents, chemicals in ritual ointments, or hallucinogenic substances in incenses people rub and inhale as part of meditations are mediums that cause illusions. Alternatively, just as flies will appear where there is rotten cadaver, so do vagrant spirits appear when situation is rife; such situations include atmosphere saturated with “fumigations, unguents, and potions”. So can extreme hunger and thirst cause hallucinations. So-called revelations that may result from such conditions are either delusions, or possession by agents of MalOrCestors.
      People of induced state of mind are not capable of delivering anyone; deliverers will not emerge under filthy or diabolic conditions.

Breaking The Curse

DELIVERERS will break Racial or Ancestral curses that might have manifested as consequences of diabolic rituals spiritualists and priesthood have been invoking for millennia. Deliverers necessarily must come from outside slave religion, or religion as execution of Racial and Ancestral cures.

The deliverer must emerge in the zone where religion is pervasive; however, not as a victim, but as one of those they accused of witchcraft owing to IDUNAN associated with them. By their resistance to, or immunity against initiations and potions, they will emerge despite all, amidst IDUNAN. By IDUNAN, you will identify them.