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Comprehending Essence Of Life On EarthAruokun Anubode

      Once, beasts, brutes, and other soulless creatures populated Earth as forms of human beings. These human ancestors bore nothing spiritual or divine in them—they were conscious, but were not aware of spiritual purpose of life on Earth. Then an AGENT for awareness came in a separate reality as consequence of OSAGBAYE (a term in Edo/Bini my native tongue). 
      “OSAGBAYE” denotes basis of all things that makes conscious beings capable of awareness at higher levels. OSAGBAYE permeated many of them, and filled each with agent for higher transcendent perceptions. Levels of perceptions separate those capable of extrasensory perceptions (ESP) from the rest. They bear the agent in them that connects them to transcendent powers with which they can shape destiny.

Some beings known as Maleficent Order Of Ancestors (MalOrCestors) changed this capability in some. The ratio of corrupted personalities and the rest has become high enough to warrant intercession of CUSTODIANS to deliver the world.  This is happening in our time. They revealed ARUOKUN through which we can divine mysteries and be delivered.
       Meanwhile, some people today resemble human beings; however, they are beasts still. Only people would be worthy above levels of common beasts and the foolish, who are aware, and consider that either they will die or transcend at the end. They avoid pain and seek transcendent information and wisdom. Some would have sought the powers but are not able because they are victims who will be delivered in our time—end time to some.


      OKUN from which ARUOKUN derives is transcendent spirit that moved on waters, which enveloped Earth before arrival of founders of OSAGBAYE—world of spiritual consciousness.
      ARUOKUN as Aruokun is “eye”, display station, theatre, PRESENCE, cross-universes (as in crossroads), square (as in village/market square), and platform of OKUN. Starters of the world carried out the originating creation through SONGS or OHHUN at ARUOKUN. ARUOKUN is where diverse creators (including spiritual human beings) are in communion with Provident OKUN. ARUOKUN being cross-universes, people commune in spirit with other universes through ARUOKUN. Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) is people continually in presence of OKUN. 
      Most people may not know that the source of all wisdom and revelations of mysteries on Earth is ARUOKUN. ARUOKUN is transcendent and not limited to physical Oke n Anubode at Ughoton or elsewhere. ARUOKUN is intersection that involves innumerable universes. People know it by various names such as Mounts Sinai, Arafat, Olympus, Kailas, Catherine, Fuji, Navajo, Heron, and Mount Olympus (“where the gods dwell”). Other such Mounts in Southern Nigeria include Ete (Mount) Iropfio in Ivbiaro and Idanre “hills”. “Dwellers” in ARUOKUN  engineer destinies of the living and the dead. Dwellers include extraterrestrial forms (ETF).
       ETF are everywhere on Earth. They are influencing people continually. Most people do not notice because ETF could appear in forms familiar to terrestrial beings. They would look so natural people would not attach significance. ETF would reveal themselves only when they deemed it fit. When they do, it would often be when leaving, as they do not converse. They communicate telepathically with the worthy.
      ETF everywhere guide us to structure our lives in the light of revealed mysteries that will prepare us for deliverance by the deliverers. A human being cannot be an individual deliverer; people acting individually have never been; they will never be (claims by priests to the contrary are lies). People of special Commune at Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) do not claim to deliver.
      A special relationship exists between AGENT in each of us and the field that ARUOKUN emanates where the STATION is located. A person may be delivered in presence of the Oboiro or ARUOKUN symbol. (See healing of Mrs. X) However, The Oboiro never claims credit for it. DELIVERERS deliver races, nations, or humanity. Humankind will stop being oblivious of wisdom and truth that flows from ARUOKUN when delivered.

Man And Woman Are Hybrids

      Physical bodies of primordial human beings were from the oceans; AGENT was infused into each of them at creation of OSAGBAYE. We are careful not to fall into error of calling AGENTS souls or spirits for reasons that will emerge presently.
      Some people with AGENT or divine faculty of consciousness and extra sensory perception (ESP) “read” or receive words telepathically. The mode of communication is standard of communicating with ETF or receiving transcendent information (especially through transcendent ARUOKUN and others). 
      Those who can see or have seen ETF are on a mission on Earth. If you have, you should link up with AAC. Get ARUOKUN Home Version.
      We rely on this as standard of AAC. Oboiro received cardinal verses of SONGS founders sang to start the spiritual world, and sing this way. No being can fake either SONGS or messages of ARUOKUN for reasons explained at ARUOKUN vb ARUIROPFIO COMMUNE (AvbAC). Message of Deliverance will come through ARUOKUN. Owning ARUOKUN (including Home Version, i e HV), therefore, can transfer powers to receive revelation of mysteries from CUSTODIANS, extraterrestrial forms, and Deliverers. You need to train in divination of mysteries under the Oboiro or Aruokun vb Aruiropfio Commune (AvbAC) to enjoy this benefit.

 Shrines Associated With OKE (Mounts)

      Shrines have always been in front of Mounts, e g shrines at UGBUNEKEN, (Ivbiaro) Ughoton, Samorika, and at Idanre in South Western Nigeria.  Others are Oracle of Delphi, Sinai, and Arafat. We learn the significant of this at Aruokun Sessions.
            The priesthood converted Mount ARUOKUN into Oke n Anubode.  Do not rely on shrines in front of OKE ARUOKUN (or another Mount); Erinwmin ARUOKUN (Provident spirit of ARUOKUN) revealed for us facsimile so people can divine with it and receive revelations directly.
      ARUOKUN remains divine link to the essence that heals, prevents or restores loss in vitality, and quickens spirits, souls, and personalities.